ESV runs inspirational subjects in contemporary science and maths via a virtual interactive classroom for Year 9 and 10 students across Victoria.

Learn and collaborate with passionate, like-minded students from across the state.

Students attend two one-hour online classes run online by John Monash Science School (JMSS) teachers.

Our Mission

To promote STEM learning by creating inspiring online opportunities to learn and collaborate.

How do ESV classes run?

JMSS teachers facilitate each of these courses.Students communicate with their teachers and each other through video stream, chat and Google apps. Every lesson will be recorded and students will be able to access those recordings on a private YouTube channel to revise or catch up on missed lessons.

What makes ESV unique?

One of the outstanding features of ESV is that we allow learners access to working research scientists who bring a dimension of aspiration, motivation and expertise that cannot often be found in schools. Previous ESV students have had the opportunity to interact with expert scientists including Perry Vlahos (Astronomer), Marion Anderson (Geophysicist on the NASA Mars Rover landing site project), Graham Rosolen (CSIRO Principal Research Scientist in electron beam microscopy) and Helen Maynard-Casely (Planetary scientist at the ANSTO).


JMSS teachers manage assessment through quizzes, presentations, written assignments and a major project at the end of the term which is presented to a panel of experts. JMSS teachers will issue interim reports on student progress and final summative reports at the end of each semester. These reports can be included in the reporting packages schools usually provided to parents. Students will also be invited to present their projects in a Virtual Science Fair.

JMSS will also provide professional learning opportunities for teachers of students involved in the program. Our aim is to skill these teachers to be able to offer all or parts of these courses in their own schools


The Ideal ESV student

ESV is most suitable for students in Year 9 and Year 10 who are passionate about maths and science and wish to extend their knowledge into areas not part of the current curriculum in schools. Students who register should be permitted by their school to replace an existing elective study with their chosen ESV study.

Students who enrol in one of these courses will be expected to be online for two, one-hour lessons each week, which will be delivered at set times during the normal school day. Students should be released from normal classes to attend these lessons, in the same way students attend instrumental music lessons.

School Liaison Teacher

Each participating school must have a liaison staff member who will provide appropriate locations within the student’s existing school to undertake ESV lessons, with appropriate technology. The liaison staff will monitor attendance, assist students with the work if they can, and communicate with JMSS staff about the program. The liaison person can be a teacher or ES staff member. The program works best when participating students select a liaison teacher from their current school who can liaise with both JMSS and their own students about the courses, expectations and work. Ideally this teacher could also participate in some of the lessons and become familiar with the content themselves, with a view to being able to incorporate some of it into their own teaching.


Read our Privacy Statement and Impact Assessment here.


A brief history of ESV

Our Memorandum of Understanding with the Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET) gives us a three-year window to develop and sustain this program.

The ESV initiative is built on the successful NVSES (National Virtual School of Emerging Sciences) trial model which JMSS developed in tandem with Monash University and Pearson Education throughout 2013 and 2014. NVSES was funded by the Australian Government Department of Education through the Broadband Enabled Education and Skills Services Program.

The partnership between JMSS and Monash University is unique in education in Victoria, and has been responsible for the creation of an exciting contemporary curriculum in science which has brought the cutting edge of scientific research into the modern secondary classroom. True to the stated mission of both JMSS and Monash University, ESV brings significant aspects this innovative curriculum to all Victorian Year 10 students who are passionate about science. ESV is a wonderful opportunity to build capacity in our science students and their teachers.

This video gives a snapshot of the foundations upon which we are building ESV

If you would like to participate, please fill out an expression of interest form here.

  1. Gulshan Banu

    Wonderful initiative. Do you have anything for younger students?

    • A Stephens

      Thanks Gulshan, Unfortunately we don’t have any subjects for younger students at this stage.

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